We now offer hat shaping

Hat shaping is $5.00. If hat is bought from us and you have your receipt it can be shaped for free only once. THERE IS NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ON HATS THAT HAVE BEEN SHAPED OR CLEANED.

Special Order Policy

To do a special order, we must first check with the company to make sure that we can get them. Once we know we can get them we will do the special order. To do the special order we require half down before we order and the rest when it comes. If you are doing a special order over the online we do have a shipping fee. We do not do RETURNS or EXCHANGES on special order items. Also special orders can take up to a week or longer depending on if they have it in stock.

Shipping Policy and Shipping Return

If sending back to do a return or exchange please send back with receipt and a piece of paper that states the day you shipped and a phone number and name. If we are doing a return we will refund back the price of the item but will not refund the shipping cost.

The Store Policies

RETURN, EXCHANGE AND REPLACEMENT POLICY Exchange and returns must be done within 14 days. Tags must be on them and must not be worn outside. You must also have the receipt. Cash returns can only be done if we have had the cash sales that day. If you choose not to wait for that you can take instore credit but if you choose this, you cannot receive cash back. We do not do returns on saddles, sale items, or ropes. Anything that is shipped and returned the item must have tags on it and the receipt must be with it. Also include name and number and the date you shipped it. We will return the price of the item however we do not refund back the shipping payment. Replacement policy you must have you

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